Community & Wellness
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Restaurant Associates is committed to improving the health and well-being of our customers through RADISH: Delicious, Innovative, Sustainable, and Healthy food. 

Breakfast under 400 calories 
Lunch under 600 calories 
Snacks under 250 calories
Always conscious of fat, sodium, and sugar

Just look for the RADISH icon in the cafe and on our menus.
Sustainability in the Cafe
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​At 2Below Dining, we are committed to serving:

Ingredients from local & regional sources

Food that is produced with minimal use or free of chemicals
and antibiotics

Meats and eggs from purveyors that support the humane
treatment of farm animals

Seafood that is acquired from sustainable sources

Products from suppliers that reward the
efforts of farmers and laborers

Plant forward menus that promote the health of our guests
and our planet​​